Week 2 - Multiple Personalities & Populating Cities

Meet the Gooeys Any good city must have a little bit of variety. There was only a simple green gooey available before, but over the week I have added four different gooeys, all with different appearances and character traits. Friendly Gooey This gooey just wants to become your friend. Whenever you walk by, friendly gooey follows you like any good sidekick would. Friendly gooey looks just like the traditional gooey, with a green appearance and cool sunglasses. A friendly gooey out in the desert Scared Gooey This gooey, just like the friendly gooey, has a good heart. But unlike friendly gooey, scared gooey does not want you to get too close! If you do, scared gooey will dash away until they can't see you anymore! This gooey is marked by a distictive blue hue. A scared gooey, only observable at a distance Angry Gooey Angry gooey does not want to be your friend. In fact, angry gooey is your enemy. If you get too close to angry gooey, they may start to chase after you! If you see a red …

Week 1 - Character Behaviors & Changing Plans

A change of plans In my original project proposal, my first month was going to be fully dedicated to the world generator and the generation of static cities throughout the map. Due to this project being a combined effort with another student, much of this work was shared in their proposal. They got a headstart on this part of the project, completing many of my first month tasks on my github board in the process (for which I am very grateful!). However, this put me in a very strange position, where much of the first month of my project was completed before I could even get work completed! As a result, I instead got a headstart on the AI portion of my project, starting with a simple Behaviors implementation.
Creating a Living Gooey The final version of this game contains characters with robot models, similar to the one pictured below:

An angry robot with heavy weaponry
These models are not complete yet, so for my purposes I will be using a model of Gooey, the Terasology mascot. This mod…

Hello World!

What is this blog?

This blog currently acts as a log for the "Metal Renegades - World" GSOC project with The Terasology Foundation. Here you can find weekly updates on the status of the project, with more detail than can be provided in a simple forum post.

Who am I? I am a senior year high school student from Newfoundland, Canada. Next fall, I am entering a computer science undergraduate program. In the last Google Code-In, I finished as a finalist with Terasology, and I hope to bring that success with me to this new challenge!
Thank you for visiting my blog!