Week 12 - Finishing up!

A Divided World

All the characters thus far have been very friendly with each other, the friendliness has been going on for too long! This is Metal Renegades, we need conflict in this world! Enter the new faction system. Now, each settlement is given a faction alignment on creation (from Good, Neutral, and Bad), and only characters of that specific alignment can spawn in those buildings.

Citizens inside a building, both in the 'bad' faction

Each faction has a specific aggression relation with every other faction. A 'good' citizen will be aggressive with a 'bad' citizen, and neutral citizens are aggressive with nobody. When a citizen finds an enemy nearby, they both charge at each other and attack.

Enemy citizens attacking each other!

The last part of the faction system was the player's faction alignment. Unfortunately, this could not be finished in time for the programs completion, so it will be finished post GSOC.

A Thirst in the Town

After the hunger integration, naturally the next integration would be thirst. Like hunger, Thirst is an already existing module in the Terasology ecosystem, but unlike hunger there was no way to restore this need. So, I had to make my own. Along with thirst, the water cup item was added. This item completely restores thirst on usage.

But how do you gather the water cups? By interacting with the wells in the town, much like the citizens do. By interacting (e) with the water inside the wells, the player is able to gather a cup of water, which will quench their thirst. Don't travel too far from the city, or else you may not find a well to drink from!

A player gathering water from a well

Over the Next Week

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