Week 4 - Sleepy Gooeys & Performance Enhancements

Nighttime in the City

One of the largest developments this week was the implementation of time-based behaviors. Last week the TimeSensitiveComponent was added, allowing for behaviors to be based upon the current world time. This week, this component has been put to use. When night falls on the city, all of the gooey citizens will return home to their spawn building, where they sleep soundly until daylight returns.
A gooey sleeping soundly in the marketplace

However, while all the other citizens are sleeping, a new character will appear in the darkness! Say hello to the nocturnal gooey, who only strays about when everyone else is sleeping:

The nocturnal gooey, ready for an adventure.

Now with a day-night cycle for all the characters, the city looks more and more alive.

Peculiar Performance

With all of the new developments in the Metal Renegades module, from city generation to character behaviors, it seems that performance in the module is starting to suffer. The framerate seems to be significantly slower than in other modules. However what is particularly concerning: the performance issues seems to get worse over time. Over this week some performance tweaks began, and these tweaks will continue throughout the project to ensure maximum performance.

Over this next week

  • The start of need-based behaviors, the final step for AI in the proposal.
  • Investigation of module performance issues, and settling them where possible.

PRs & Issues


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